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We all care deeply about the State of Israel. We care about the safety of its citizens and worry about their ability
to live in security and financial stability.
We also are concerned about the future of Israeli society. The ongoing clash between the Ultraorthodox (Chareidi) sector and the non-religious sector has torn at the very fabric of Israeli society and threatens to undermine the country’s economy as well. The fact that Chareidi culture rejects integration into Israeli society has led to shocking levels of poverty and has opened a rift that pits Jew against Jew.
N.T.V., “Netivei Torah V’Technologia” (The Torah and Technology Program) was founded to meet a growing need in Israeli society: the need for education, employment and the integration of ultra-orthodox society into mainstream Israeli society. We believe that ultra-orthodox Jews can study and work without compromising on their strict religious belief system. We believe that this sector of society can contribute its unique intellectual abilities and community spirit to enrich the State of Israel and her people.
However, it is our contention that for this to occur change must take place in the Chareidi world. The model of Orthodox Judaism that has succeeded brilliantly in the Western world must be offered to Chareidi youth in Israel as well. A true paradigm shift must take place that encourages appropriate options for all children, options that include serving in the Israeli army and working for a living. Educational institutions must be created that cater to the unique needs of the ultraorthodox, providing the academic programs and modern methodologies that will ensure a successful transition into Israeli society.
To accomplish the above, N.T.V, in conjunction with the Israeli Defense Ministry, opened a revolutionary institution; “Beit Midrash Derech Chaim”, Israel’s first Chareidi Hesder Technology Yeshiva. Our institution is a post high school three year University level program in which students study Torah during the day and learn technology in the evenings. Our graduates obtain a bachelors degree in Computer Sciences, with a specialization in Cyber Technology. Upon graduation students will begin a two year tour of duty in the IDF, in which the army will benefit from our students’ expertise. Upon completion of their army service students will prepared to enter the work force, earn a living and contribute fully to Israeli society.
Over the first five years of its existence, the Yeshiva has grown to over one hundred students. The students have served in the technology units of the Intelligence Core, the Air Force, Navy and Israel Aircraft Industries. In the words of General (ret.) David Ivri, past commander of the Israeli Air Force and former Ambassador to the United States, “Beit Midrash Derech Chaim will act as the bridge between the secular and religious communities, providing the solution to one of Israel’s most pressing social and economic problems.”

We hope that you will find our program worthy of your support.
Rabbi Karmi Gross – Rosh Yeshiva
Rami Liber – General manager

ראיון עם ראש הישיבה הרב כרמי גרוס