Advisory Committee

The ninth commander of the Israel Air Force, the deputy chief of staff and head of the Operations Branch, the former director general of the Defense Ministry, the Israeli ambassador to the United States, and the head of the National Security Council.
Today, he is chairman of the Civil Service Administration and a Boeing representative in Israel.

Chairman of the National Council for Research and Development, former President of Bar-Ilan University and Minister of Science and Technology.

General of the reserves. Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Chief of Staff and Former Northern Command Chief.
Former Chairman of the Dimona Nuclear Research Center and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Military Industries (IMI).

General in reserves. Former head of the IDF’s IT division, assistant chief of staff, head of the Defense Ministry’s deputy director general. Today, he is a member of the board of Ariel University and an international consultant on cyberspace.

Owner of Hager Pacific Properties, based in Enseno, California. He is involved in various projects of integrating haredim into Israeli society, such as “Netzach Yehuda”, “Nachal Charedi”.

One of the founders of Israel’s high-tech industry, former CEO of HP Israel, CEO of Digital Israel, President of Fibronics and other well-known and large companies.
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the University of Haifa, Vice President of the Israeli Center for Management.

Head of the “Integration of Haredim” project at the Samuel Neaman Institute at the Technion. Formerly Head of the Behavioral Sciences Department of the IDF (with the rank of Col.), Deputy Head of the National Security Council, Head of the Civil Service Administration.

(Deputy Director of the Communications and Electronics Corps) Former CEO of several companies (Telcoor, Oxygen and Organization), Director of several companies / organizations in the economy (Cellcom, Standards Institute), Member of the Manufacturers Association of Israel International action, and more.